A Note from CEO, Stacy Y. Thomas

You Deserve It! 

According to statistics mothers get just 17 minutes of “me time” to themselves each day. Modern mothers say they still take on 78% of the housework even with a partner in the home.

For single moms, I’m sure the statistics are worse.

We are always on the go. Work, school, kids, appointments… life! There’s always something going on, and the busyness of life can sometimes make it difficult to take time to relax and pamper yourself.

This is why I created Indulge by I Design Beauty™.

The goal was to create not only a skin and hair care line, but a lifestyle brand. Indulge means to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure, or to yield to something.  When we think about the word indulge, it typically has a negative connotation. To indulge is to go overboard or fully immerse yourself in something- why can’t that something be YOU?

“The Pain Point”

I know all too well about going non-stop and not taking time out for myself. After the separation from my ex-husband, my life went into “auto pilot”. I had to juggle many things in order to keep life going for me and my two little girls. Work, school, homework, church, sporting games, rehearsals, hair, laundry, grocery shopping… my life was consumed with nothing but lists and chores and appointments. I functioned this way for 5 years before my body started to speak to me. The stress on my body was unbearable; I would often break out in hives and when that stopped, my hair started to fall out. I suffered from Alopecia Areata due to stress. I had to take a step back and figure out how I could relieve this stress in a productive way. My money was funny so going to the spa was out of the question.

I was alone, stressed and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. So, in an attempt to do something to make myself feel pretty and special, and relaxed, I started creating bath and body products. The scents I created literally drew people to me from off the street. It wasn’t only the delicious scents that captivated clients; it was the effectiveness of the product. People were impressed that the product worked.  Indulge™ by I Design Beauty products are moisturizing without the greasy feel. The scents are captivating but not overpowering. This product line is a great way to carve out “me time” when you have “no time”. The other amazing benefit of Indulge™ is our products are all natural.

I deserve to feel special

I deserve “me time”

I deserve to be pampered

I deserve to feel loved

I had to make a conscious effort to start looking out for my mental and emotional health. I made a conscious effort to do something special for myself; from buying a bottle of nail polish to lighting a candle and taking a nice hot bubble bath. It wasn’t about doing something big and drastic, but stealing whatever moment I could to cater to ME. This is what Indulge™ is about.