Self Care in 2021

            I’m not the new year’s resolution type. I’ve never made a laundry list of things to do for the new year, because I was always afraid I would be amongst the masses who start resolutions and by the end of January, the list is a distant memory, never to be thought of, until the following year.

            Instead of making a long to-do list, just one word popped into my spirit at the end of 2020: INTENTIONALITY. That one word has literally shifted and propelled my mindset when it comes to self-care. It makes no sense to make to-do lists of how I’m going to practice self- care if I have no intention of actually doing the work.

            I hope that after the year we just had, we become intentional in practicing self-care. What does self-care look like? Well first, I’ll tell you what it doesn’t look like for right now. Self-care doesn’t look like trips to luxurious spas in the Caribbean, or in our local city for that matter. At best, self-care may look like a quick visit to the nail salon for a mani and pedi, where you are greeted by a sign-in pad, temperature check and spray down of alcohol on the soles of your shoes, followed by being serviced through Plexiglas. So much for relaxation at the nail salon!

          For a lot of people, something as simple as going to the nail salon is not so simple, and for some, it’s not even affordable or available at this time. Spas are out of the question for many as well, so what is one to do? You figure out how to practice self- care at home. Self-care can be going to your neighborhood drug or beauty supply store and picking up items to do your own mani and pedi. All you need is a pretty nail polish color, a nail file, cuticle oil and some toe separators. Want to do a facial? No problem! Boil a pot of water, grab a towel to put over your head and carefully give your face a steam treatment. Follow up your facial with your favorite exfoliating treatment, cleanser and moisturizer.


            If you really want to pull out all the stops, take yourself a nice, hot bath! Grab your favorite beverage of choice, light some candles, add some aromatic bath salts or bubbles if you’re feeling fancy, and play some music as you relax.

            Whatever you do, please understand how vitally important it is to take care of yourself from the inside out. My motto is beauty comes from the inside out, so when you feel good you look good. If there wasn’t a time to Indulge in self-care, now is the time! Let’s not make resolutions, but be intentional in 2021 about taking care of ourselves!