Spa, Beauty & Self Care Essentials

We are always on the go. Work, school, kids, appointments… life! There’s always something going on, and the busyness of life can sometimes make it difficult to take time to relax and pamper yourself.

Indulge means to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of something. Typically, this word has a negative connotation. To indulge is to go overboard with or fully immerse yourself in something- why can’t that something be YOU?

Sis, I know you're busy. You may not have the time nor the resources to treat yourself to a spa day with massages, hydrotherapy tubs and all the fixings... but there are other ways to do something special for yourself; We have curated a few essentials to get you started on your self-care journey. It's not about doing something big and drastic, but taking the first step to carving out whatever moment you can to cater to YOU. This is what Indulge ™ is about.

“I Deserve it”

I deserve to feel special.

I deserve to be pampered.

I deserve “me time."

I deserve to feel loved